Still roll-over week and soon to expire June “M1" contract made an all time high at 4267.50 overnight. For U1 the EurAsian session made a contract high overnight 4258.25 and opened at 4247.25, the price action printed lower towards the prior all time high 4238.25. It couldn't make it all…

Still roll-over, estimated contract volume is about 1M June and 1.7M September for today. The open was just below 4238.25 prior all-time high. Price action printed towards and past settlement price for Friday and rotated down to 4224.00 …

Prior day settlement was a long leg doji after new all-time high on mediocre volume.

RTH session opened 4.5 points under the all-time high. The minority of longs couldn’t gather participation to break through resistance to new all-time highs. Possibly because it’s Friday and a new all-time high printed yesterday and contract roll over. Low volume, effort and participation day. Price action printed lower on capitulation from longs 2/3’s of the RTH session. In the second 15-minute period prior to settlement aggressive longs rallied aggressively and dramatically back above the open and above the session high in position to take out the all time high.

Prior all time high at 4238.25 has become the most relevant magnetic rotation zone. The prior most relevant and magnetic rotation zone 4224.25 has become strong support.

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41 & living in ma’s basement getting ready for the next trek convention. i’m here cuz i need a journal but wordpress is too hard and don’t want to use ms word.

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